Top 10 Best Hiking Boots for Men in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Hiking shoes are vital and ensure people enjoy trekking without issues in their feet. Unlike other shoes, men hiking boots have excellent traction. The design and construction ensure users get a perfect grip to enjoy smooth walking. Although they have tough shells and soles, the shoes are soft and comfortable interior. With improved protection to the arch and heel. Therefore, even on uneven terrain, the boots are exceptional.

The ability to buy an ideal boot depends on where you are trekking. Whether it’s on mountains, snow, or other places, the correct boots should be reliable. Typically, there are many materials used in making these boots. Durable materials like leather and rubber soles are great for perfect traction. Also, getting the right fitting shoes to ensure comfort and high confidence when walking.

10. Columbia Men’s Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Boot

Columbia Men's Newton Ridge Plus II Waterproof Boot

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The Columbia Newton Ridge waterproof boots are the top quality shoes for men. They are boots made to offer confidence when hiking. Additionally, the construction ensures there is superb durability. With a blended leather, mesh, and suede, the shoes are unmatched. The rubber sole with large lugs ensures there is maximum grip on all surfaces. Whether walking in rugged or flat surfaces, the shoes are highly reliable. The shaft measures 5 inches which increases the feet stability.

The rubber sole is raised on the feet, which allows for exceptional protection against impact. Despite the rugged design, the shoes are lightweight to reduce feet muscle fatigue. Featuring new technology, these boots are comfortable and durable. Amazingly, the waterproof design and full-grain leather allow for exceptional protection. This lets people enjoy walking without worrying about wet feet due to water leaks. Above all, the heavy-duty shoelaces are reliable and never break.


  • Full-grain waterproof leather
  • High grip rubber sole
  • Superior comfort


  • Cracking leather

9. KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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Walking in rough terrain requires you to have sturdy shoes. Instead of wearing gumboots, the Keen Targhee hiking boots are fantastic. With these shoes, it is possible to trek everywhere without experiencing drawbacks. Created from nubuck leather, it withstands water, snow, and mud without leaking. Therefore, one can walk to many places without experiencing inconveniences. The upper sole is sturdy and extended in the toes to provide more cover and protection.

The wide opening is excellent and allows for easy fitting. Additionally, the low profile ghillie lacing allows a superior fit. The padded and collar are easy on ankles, which ensures superior protection. Additionally, the padding is great since it makes the heel safe and comfortable. The interior has a breathable liner that keeps legs dry. As a result, even when walking for long distances, feet enjoy dray and non-slippery interior. Lugged sole with contoured heel lock allows for sturdiness and reliable traction.


  • Lugged outsole
  • Padded collar
  • Breathable leather lining


  • Weak stitching

8. Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot for Men

Merrell Moab 2 Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot for Men

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Merrell Moab hiking boots are made for men. They are crafted superbly to give feet a contoured fit. Therefore, people enjoy excellent comfort and reliability. Utilizing the latest technology, the boots are supportive. Also, they are durable due to the quality materials used. Featuring leather, suede, and mesh, the shoes are waterproof. Thus for people with a passion for outdoor hiking, the boots are reliable in all weathers. The synthetic sole fitted with large treads creates exceptional traction.

The Vibram outsole TC5 outsole enables the user to walk with high confidence. Additionally, the insoles are excellently made to give the best comfort. With Merrell air cushion in the heel creates exceptional support and softness. The EVA midsoles are also supportive since they are durable and thick. For contoured leg contouring, a 5mm lug and comfortable footbed create overwhelming support. Wearing the boots is simple since they come with a loop on the heel.


  • Blended upper construction materials
  • Breathable mesh
  • High-performance rubber sole


  • Allows water leaks

7. Hi-Tec Men’s Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Hi-Tec Men's Bandera Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

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The Hi-tec Bandera hiking shoes are for people who love outdoor hikes. Wearing these boots creates great comfort since they are premiumly made. With the upper section featuring a waterproof film that keeps water away. Despite the protection from water, the shoes have improved breathability. Therefore, even when used in summer or winter, the boots are extra comfortable. The front part has a reinforced design, which creates improved toe protection. In the case of impacts, the shoe delivers outstanding protection.

Apart from premium leather and texture construction, the boots feature rustproof lacing hardware. The hardware keeps them secure without getting corrodes hence intact throughout. When trekking in uneven surfaces, the shoes are stable since they have steel shanks. Besides, the soles are super rugged to keep feet shells and firm. The insoles are crafts to adapt to all feet and are removable.


  • Breathable insoles
  • Steel shanks reinforced
  • Rustproof lacing hardware


  • Not fully waterproof

6. Quicksilk Eyushijia Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot

Quicksilk Eyushijia Waterproof Snow Boots Hiking Boot

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Adding a pair of reliable hiking boots in your rack enables you to have high confidence. The Quicksilk Eyushijia boots are tough to allow for hiking without restrictions. With lightweight faux leather, the shoes are ideal for long distances without stressing feet muscles. Also, the upper part is treated with waterproof film; the boots are great for rainy, snow, and all wet seasons. Designed with extended design, the shoes are superb for protecting ankles. In fact, the padded collars are reliable for protection.

Apart from the durable upper, the shoes have a sturdy rubber sole. It allows safe hiking and maximum grip. In fact, they are efficient for use in rugged terrain without causing stress to your feet. Additionally, the comfortable interior lining keeps feet dry regardless of weather conditions. Also, a reliable lacing system ensures there is perfect feet hugging. The wide fit makes the boots ideal for the type of feet.


  • Waterproof faux leather
  • Heavy-duty padded collar
  • Wide fit design


  • Not genuine leather

5. Danner Mountain Hiking Boot for Men

Danner Mountain Hiking Boot for Men

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The Danner hiking boots give hikers a reason to smile. They are sleek and reliable ways to enjoy unmatched comfort and feet protection. Unlike the cheap article leather, these are made from full-grain leather. Therefore, even when walking in harsh places, the boots are highly protective. Boasting improved construction technology, the shoes are high-performing. Fitted with Vibram Fuga outsole, the shoes have excellent grip. In fact, the megagrip technology provides an unmatched grip hence ideal for all-terrain and weather conditions.

The interior has improved performance due to the superior quality lining. Actually, soft nature and high breathability lets feet enjoy the best comfort. The OrthoLite footbed are molded to give users proper hugging and support. Therefore, even when the ground is uneven, there is stabilized feet and smooth movement. With Vibram SPE midsoles, they are efficient for keeping the user feet free from excessive pressure.


  • Genuine heavy-duty leather
  • Metal lacing hardware
  • Super megagrip technology


  • Some water still leaks inside

4. Mishansha Winter Ankle Snow Hiking Water-Resistant Boots

Mishansha Winter Ankle Snow Hiking Water-Resistant Boots

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Trekking boots are ideally suited to the task. But, this doesn’t mean they should not be sleek. The Mishansha winter ankle boots are smooth and reliable to conquer harsh weather. Whether its snow or rain, they are created with perfection and durable materials, they are built to last. With classic lacing style, these boots are sturdy and hold your feet regardless of the ground condition. The artificial leather with a smooth design is sleek and fashionable. Thus, it can suit even casual events apart from hiking.

The design is classic, and the boots are unisex. This implies women and men can wear and maintain excellent style. Due to the artificial leather upper shell, the shoes maintain the balance between nature and humans. With a protective cap, keep the boots ideal for walking in rugged terrain. The warm inside is excellent and keeps feet dry. This helps to hike in all conditions without wet feet.


  • Ecological friendly design
  • Protective toe enhancement
  • Anti-skid TPR outsole


  • Feels very stiff

3. Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

Ariat Terrain H2O Hiking Boot

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The Ariat all-terrain hiking shoes bring the confidence for hikers. Whether you are walking or attending causal events, these boots are a good choice. The meticulously crafted shoes are ideal for use under all-terrain. In fact, the 100% leather construction renders the boots ideal for all weather. The shell has oil treatment which helps to repel water. Therefore, even when trekking on wet grounds, there is no chance of water leaking to the interior of the boots.

Besides the sturdy leather upper, the sole is made from premium rubber. With moisture wicking interior lining, the shoes are comfortable to wear. Additionally, the self-cleaning outsole helps to keep the boots clean. With a padded collar and improved height, they are efficient for keeping the ankles protected. The el cushioned footbed allows for a thrilling comfort when wearing these shoes. Additionally, the heel stabilizer delivers comfortable and stable traction.


  • Self-cleaning outer soles
  • Pure genuine leather
  • Gel cushioned insoles


  • Toe cover enhancement peels off

2. Nike Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

Nike Manoa Leather Hiking Boot

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The Nike Manoa boots are among the best ways to enjoy great hiking. They are superbly crafted, which enables them to withstand very outdoor conditions. Whether snow or rain, these boots are indisputable. Forget about other shoes that combine different materials. These are pure leather, which helps to maintain performance and durability. The leather is treated with waterproofing ability. Thus when trekking no weather condition that restricts your movement.

Apart from heavy-duty leather, the interior is super comfortable. It has mesh lining tasked with absorbing sweat hence keeping feet safe. With a gusseted tongue, the boots are efficient in keeping debris and dirt away. The lacing system is reliable and features metal eyelets to ensure perfect closure. This guarantee even when trekking on muddy surfaces, these boots don’t keep getting off. The phylon midsoles are effective in cushioning and stabilizing feet. Above all, rugged outsoles offer the best traction.


  • Rugged outsoles
  • Metal eyelets
  • Gusseted tongue


  • A bit expensive

1. NORTIV 8 Men’s Ankle High Outdoor Lightweight Shoes

NORTIV 8 Men's Ankle High Outdoor Lightweight Shoes

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The Nortiv 8 ankle-high boots are entirely made for men. They are contoured to fit men’s feet perfectly to offer excellent traction. The design is attractive and robust, which helps to keep the wearer looking fashionable. To guarantee durability, the shoe upper part features textile and leather construction. This creates a lightweight design which give users an ideal feeling when wearing. With rubber sole, there is no worry when it comes to traction.

Apart from a durable sole, it is enhanced with multidirectional lugs. This enables the wearer to enjoy smooth movement in varied terrain. The waterproof lining is superior for keeping feet dry even when using on rainy days. Besides waterproofing treatment, the shoes are oil-resistant to prevent slipping. The cushioned EVA footbed ensures there is great cushion and comfort.


  • Oil resistant sole
  • Multi-directional lugs
  • Supportive EVA cushion


  • No steel toe protector

Hiking Boots for Men Buying Guide

Type of hiking boots

The kind of hiking shoes is essential, depending on where you are trekking. Usually, there are boots made for regular hikes, day hiking as well as backpacking. They have different performances and styles. For heavy-duty reliability, robust boots are reliable options.

Upper construction

The upper part of constriction is vital for general boots performance. For trekking boots, most are made from leather. What differs is the type of leather used. Some boast artificial leather, genuine leather as well as fabrics. Despite the type of material, ensure the boots are waterproof.


Outsoles are vital for stability and traction. The main types of soles are rubber and plastic made. However, rubber is highly reliable and stable. It suits different places without compromising grip and durability. Apart from the sole type, the size and pattern of lugs matters.

Boot sizes

The size is another quality that people should consider. With different sizes, ordering the right size requires careful considerations. Depending on the user, check the shoe sizing to ensure you order the best fitting boots.


The hiking shoes for men are perfect for different applications. Whether it’s a hiking, workshops, and other casual events, they are multifunctional. With different materials of construction, they also have various performances. However, these featuring in our list, they are reliable and worth having shoes.

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