Top 10 Best Walking Sandals for Men in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on February 07, 2023

With the existence of many different brands of shoes and designs on the current market, it can be very challenging finding the best walking sandals for men. Today, these type of shoes are highly popular since they combine a wide range of features such as durability, endless comfort, wonderful design, antimicrobial protection, quality materials, and an affordable price.

When selecting the best pair, men are advised to take into consideration many factors. These would include the type of fabric the shoes are made of (e.g. synthetics or leather), ability to cope with water, type of terrain to walk on, the shape of feet, support and flexibility, and weight. The shoes should be highly breathable, have a nice look, and be excellent shock absorbers.

Since walking for long or short distances is one of the things men love doing every day, having the right pair of shoes is vitally important. No matter the reasons for walking, whether it’s for leisure, exercise, or even to relieve stress and improve mood, this article focuses on the best walking sandals for men reviews.

The following describes ten products regarding the best walking sandals for men.

10. Teva Hurricane XLT Men’s Sandal

Teva Hurricane XLT Men’s Sandal

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These type of men walking sandals are one of the most popular and are known for their superior quality at reasonable prices. Their sole is made up of rubber and the rest of the shoe leather. The sandal is extremely comfortable to wear for the whole day without leaving bruises on your feet.

The heel is estimated to be 1.50 inches in height. The outsole is lugged, robust, and able to provide excellent traction. The straps are created of nylon material and are easily adjustable to suit your comfort. It’s lightweight, simple, and made to give optimal support for all your walking activities.


  • Non-slip, rubber sole
  • Comes with a choice of over 10 colors
  • Secure triple straps (One for the heel, and other toes and ankle)
  • Amazing foot-bed (with arch support) made with EVA material


  • Lack some padding on the inside.

9. Vionic-Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal

Vionic-Unisex Wave Toe-Post Sandal

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The Vionic is designed to be flexible and very effective to help in treating plantar fasciitis (heel pain). It has medium density and light in weight. The midsole is perfectly built with EVA material which offers a lot of cushioning. This helps in absorbing shock and also the sandal from feeling sharp and hard objects on the ground. This also prevents stress on the knees, ankles, and feet.

It utilizes a biomechanical footbed to support the feet and arch. The design is made to look like active shoes, flats, and slippers. This is necessary to offer maximum stability when walking on the ground. The outsole is also long lasting to offer perfect traction. Based on over 1000 Amazon reviews, this product is a must-have.


  • Perfect for both women and men
  • Completely comfortable and supportive
  • Wonderful colors for men
  • Made with orthaheel technology
  • Cleaning is easy (with just a piece of wet clothe)


  • Not available in half sizes

8. Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

Crocs Swiftwater Mesh Sandal

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Everyone would want to have these kinds of sandals due to their unique design and texture. They are made of a certain type of material known as Croslite which provides superior cushioning and lightness. The material also gives no odor and is water resistant. The sandals are highly breathable and very durable.

The uppers are perforated softly in order to give your feet space to breath. This is also important for easy drainage. It’s recommended not to wear socks on them.


  • Good for both water and dry land
  • Enables pleasurable walking
  • Very lightweight


  • The perforations allow passage of sand and debris

7. KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

KEEN Newport H2 Sandal

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Measuring exactly 1.5 inches, these sandals are produced from materials that are free of PFC. The footbed is made of EVA for perfect traction, comfort, and quality. The outsole is rubber made. The sandals are waterproof on their uppers, prevents bad odor, and are easily adjustable. You’ ill want to wear these shoes each time you visit them on the market.


  • Highly durable
  • Ideal for walking in multi-terrain areas
  • The comfortable and smart footbed
  • Made in the United States


  • They fit narrowly

6. Telic Flip-Flop Sandals

Telic Flip-Flop Sandals

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This type can be very useful for both long and short distance walks. The outer sole is made of elasto-polymer material to offer the required cushioning, absorb shock, and support your feet while walking.

What makes it different from the above types is the ability to mold the sandal to the shape and size of the feet. This is due to the Novalon material which is regarded as heat sensitive, pillow-soft, and as light as feather. This is what prevents pressure and cushions every step of your walk.

The sandals are excellent shock absorbers and offer antibacterial properties. They are also machine washable. Additionally, they are advised by physicians for relieving heel pain, bunions, and joint pains. This is due to their arch support features, and also orthopedic medical functionality attribute.


  • Resistant to moisture, water, and odor
  • Extra arch support and cushioning
  • Engineered with Novalon technology
  • Very lightweight (one feels as if walking on air)


  • Cannot withstand excessive heat

5. Chaco Z1-Classic Men’s Athletic Sandal

Chaco Z1-Classic Men's Athletic Sandal

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The best thing about these kinds of shoes is versatility. They are also durable, adjustable, and provide a great number of features including odor control and antibacterial protection. The outsole is rugged. This provides additional stability while giving good traction on steep terrains and also wet environments.

They dry quickly when wet and are very lightweight. You’ll be able to choose your favorite color from a wide variety of sandals. These include blue, oranges, and patterns of green (muted).


  • Lovely quality
  • Some men consider it a reasonable and wise investment
  • Reliable arch support
  • Perfect stability


  • Some find it hard to configure

4. Vertico Shower Sandal

Vertico Shower Sandal

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These are built for the benefit of travelers. The sandals are lightweight and take only a few minutes to dry. They are therefore used in public bathing rooms such as hotels. Due to the strongly built construction with the EVA material, they are made to last longer and can prevent excess water from being absorbed into the sandals. You can save yourself from Tinea, Athletes foot, and ringworms from wearing these sandals every time you bath in a public house.


  • Very durable
  • Resistant to water
  • Surprisingly comfortable
  • Safe to walk on


  • None

3. Kunsto Synthetic Leather Men’s Open-Toe Sandal

Kunsto Synthetic Leather Men's Open-Toe Sandal

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The Kunsto is an excellent pair for those who love walking on the beach on a regular basis. If you love a sports design, this is also a perfect pair for you. They are created from leather but the sole is made of rubber. They have adjustable triple straps that use a hook and loop technique to customize the tightness of the sandals to a suitable fit. The design of the arch is also great to reduce fatigue and support the whole feet. Red and black are the two colors you can find in these shoes.


  • Great fitting size
  • Very comfortable
  • Highly affordable
  • Durable


  • The material used to make these shoes are relatively weaker

2. ECCO Yucatan Men’s Sandal

ECCO Yucatan Men's Sandal

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This brand is known for producing quality walking shoes for men worldwide. The shoes are versatile, easily adaptable, very supportive, and durable. It has a rating of about 4.7/5 on average.

They are created from leather and offers a great deal of support for arches. This makes them better as compared to many other walking sandals for men. Moreover, they are resistant to water and also lightweight.


  • Available in sixteen colors
  • Hook-and-loop straps
  • Suitable for walking regularly every day
  • Nice looking
  • Additional comfort


  • Not relatively good for wider shapes of feet

1. ATIKA Women’s Maya

ATIKA Women's Maya

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Like many other types of walking sandals for men, the Atikas provide comfort, perfect cushioning, and durability. However, it includes other features such as the advanced level of padding on the sides and along with the straps. This is necessary for perfect shock absorption. The inner lining is also padded to prevent abrasion which makes walking difficult and painful.

The shoes are ideal for both dry and wet surroundings. The inner-sole is made with several contours that match with your feet shape to give a good feeling when walking.


  • Good for outdoor fun
  • Can fit many different sizes
  • Comes with a soft and very comfortable sole


  • People with wide feet or toes cannot use these sandals.

Buying Guide for the Best Walking Sandal for Men

Before you purchase the right type of walking sandals for men, you need to think carefully about the following attributes.


This is one of the things to reflect on before purchasing any type of walking sandals for men. If you intend to use your walking sandals on a regular basis, then you need to ensure that they are made to last. You don’t want your shoes to show signs of wear in a week or even a month.

For instance, what would happen if one of the straps of your sandals break when you’re on the middle of a long walk in the summer heat? Probably, you’ll walk the rest of your journey with one sandal on the feet. Or you’ll be lucky if you carried an extra pair of shoes in your bag.

This shows how important it is to give a higher consideration about durability when purchasing your walking sandals.

Total Weight

Heavy sandals are not the ideal choice. These can put your feet on unneeded strain and stress when walking for long hours. They also seem to make you weaker and more tired within a short time. Before purchasing your walking shoes, see to it that they are okay with your weight.


Are the feet comfortable when wearing the sandals? This is one of the most significant factors to consider before choosing the right walking shoes. The shoes should not be too tight to put you on pressure either when standing or walking in them. They should also be comfortable even without socks.

The general cushioning of the sandals determines this factor. These also include the footbed and the sole. The more the cushioning, the more the sandals are able to absorb shock from the ground and prevent you from stress fractures. If the shoes are not comfortable, they are not worth to buy.


Men are highly selective when it comes to colors. And since we are discussing walking sandals for men, this is a good factor to consider. Some of the safest colors for men include grey, khaki, and dark. These are the ones you can wear in many different occasions with all kinds of attires. Black is also perfect and can match with any outfit. Otherwise, choose a combination of preference and practicality.

Feet Shape

You should examine the shape and size of your feet clearly before trying to buy the best walking shoes. This can help find a comfortable shoe. We can wear shoes of a similar size with other people but having different shape of feet with reference to the foot arches, width, and etcetera. The shape of the arches may be high, normal or flat. This can have a great effect on the type of shoe you choose for your daily walk.


People tend to think about this factor even before considering anything else. You need to know that different brands offer different prices for the same type of shoes without regard to quality. Choosing the right brand can also be a good thing to consider. It is also worthy to spend a great deal of money on something that will last forever. This will save you more in the future as you’ll need not to keep buying walking shoes now and then as a result of poor quality.

Shock Absorption

This is another critical factor to consider before buying walking sandals for men. To test the shock absorption ability, wear the sandals and jump up and down several times. When you land on the floor, the sandal absorbs the shock from the ground. The more the shock it’s able to absorb, the perfect it is for walking.


All the above type of sandals for men are perfect for walking. What you need to do is selecting your right type based on your feet size and type of terrain you’ll be walking on. We hope this guide helps you find the best walking sandals for your winter, summer, fall, or spring. They are ideal for all seasons.

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