Top 10 Best Waterproof Laptop Backpack in 2023 Reviews

Last updated on July 16, 2023

Laptops are essential gadgets these days. They have eased the way people live by enhancing convenience everywhere. However, carrying your device requires a premium backpack. Waterproof laptop backpacks are amazing and worth to have. Like any other electronic, laptops and water and water are enemies. It, therefore, calls for the choice of reliable bag to safeguard your computer.

Since laptops and handy and highly portable, they can be used everywhere. Adding a premium waterproof backpack ensures even the extreme conditions won’t pose risks to your machine. Apart from the ability to restrict water leaks, the bags are supposed to offer ample storage and excellent protection. Apart from water protection, a bag should be able to provide safety against shock and other aspects.

10. MATEIN Travel Anti-Theft Slim Laptops Backpack

MATEIN Travel Anti-Theft Slim Laptops Backpack

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Matein backpack is the ultimate way to carry your laptop in style. The bag looks like a regular one but made to provide exceptional great of mind. With ample storage space, the backpack has enough pockets to carry a variety of items. The laptop compartment is capable of holding different sized computers. With a maximum of 15.6 inches laptop fit, it ensures there is great protection and fit. Additional compartments are suited for other items like smaller electronics.

Apart from the large size, the bag is comfortable to carry. With ample airflow, there are no discomforts due to overheating and excessive sweating. With a USB cable hole, the user can charge smartphones while the power bank is inside the pack. Durable construction fabrics and other materials provide exceptional bag reliability. The to padded design, the bag is great for protection against impacts. Above all, waterproof enhancements allow for superb protection.


  • Large compartments
  • USB port design
  • Anti-theft design
  • Durable construction


  • No RFID protection pockets

9. kopack 17’’ Laptop Water Resistant Shockproof Backpack

kopack 17’’ Laptop Water Resistant Shockproof Backpack

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The Kopack backpack ensures every laptop use has an ideal way to enjoy safety. Made by experts, the backpack has high-quality engineering. In fact, the water-resistant shell is efficient in protecting the carried items from moisture. Therefore, when traveling, no worry about unexpected rain. The laptop compartment is designed with an anti-theft style. It is hidden which allows the user to enjoy improved computer safety. Besides the laptop storage, the bag has ample space for keeping other stuff. Thus, it’s ideal for traveling or college students.

With the ability to fit a 17 inches laptop, the backpack is ideal for people with large computers. Additionally, the detachable USB cable port, no struggling to charge your phone. With divided pockets, they are superb for ensuring there is a fantastic organization. The hidden zippers design is the reason this bag is superior when it comes to the safety of stored items. Anti-puncture shell enhanced with water resistance, shockproof ability maximizes internal safety.


  • Anti-theft zippers
  • Shockproof anti-puncture shell
  • Anti-scratch exterior


  • Hard to plug cable with a single hand

8. Ronyes Unisex College Waterproof Rucksack

Ronyes Unisex College Waterproof Rucksack

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The ability to carry your laptop comfortably depends on your backpack. The Ronyes unisex rucksack offers one of the fantastic reliability. Made from high-quality fabrics, they are enhanced with waterproof ability to ensure the safety of everything stored inside. Designed with high versatility, the bag is ideal for schools, casual events, and others. Also, the unisex design renders it great for use by everyone. The high-quality padded straps are comfortable and keep shoulders safe free from excessive pressure.

The pockets are highly padded, which is fantastic for ensuring the computer is safe from impact. Therefore, even when carried on rugged places, there is no damage to the laptop due to shock and other impacts. Unlike other backpacks, this has a cover with buckles and is efficient for added security. The built-in USB charging port further adds the joy of carrying this backpack. The sleek and lightweight design ensures the rucksack is impressive and durable.


  • Unisex design
  • Durable waterproof fabrics
  • Double zippers


  • Shorts straps for adults

7. SOLDIERKNIFE Waterproof Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

SOLDIERKNIFE Waterproof Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack

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The Soldierknife anti-theft backpack is terrific and durably made. It’s one of the ultimate packs that protect and keep you looking elegant. Built with perfection, the bag is tasked with providing a haven for your items. Additionally, the design ensures your computer can fit exceptionally, hence the outstanding choice. The computer compartment is separate from others, thus making it simple to enjoy superb organization and safety. In fact, every compartment and pockets are separated for keeping everything neat.

Made with sturdy straps, they and highly padded to bring all the needed comfort. Additionally, the top section has a comfortable handle, which allows easy carrying. Zippers are durable and the bag comes with a lock to protect against theft. Apart from the adjustment, the straps and breathable hence keeping the user free from sweat accumulation. With an inbuilt USB port, there is great convenience when charging your phone.


  • Combination lock
  • Durable dual zippers
  • Water repellant nylon fabrics


  • No zipper cover flap

6. Hap Tim 15.6/14/13.3 Inch Laptop Bag Travel Backpack

Hap Tim 15.6/14/13.3 Inch Laptop Bag Travel Backpack

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The quality is essential when you want to enjoy a secure laptop and other stuff carrying. Hap Tim is a great bag with all the storage needs you need. In fact, it delivers outstanding reliability. With a dedicated large computer slot, it can carry different sized laptops. In fact, it can hold a maximum of 15.6 inches laptop. Due to thick padding, the bag is efficient for protecting the electronics from impact. Moreover, the fitted strap keeps the computer in place hence keeping bumps and vibrations away.

Due to the large opening design, the bag is easy to access the interior. This makes it ideal for different applications. Whether students or professionals, the backpack is ideally suited. Moreover, the unisex design is superb for ensuring everyone can add this pack in their collection. Due to adjustable shoulder straps, the bag can fit different people. Therefore, even when you choose it as a college bag, it perfectly suits the task. Overall the pack is suited for shock absorption as well as excellent protection.


  • Universal application
  • Padded shockproof straps
  • Breathable back and straps
  • Durable bottle pockets


  • Doesn’t have a lock

5. BOPAI 15’’ Super Slim Men Anti-Theft Backpack

BOPAI 15’’ Super Slim Men Anti-Theft Backpack

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A backpack is one of the essentials for students, business people, and professionals. They are classy and worth to have for convenient, comfortable carrying. Bopai super slim backpack is perfectly created for men. It has compact nature but ideal to fit laptops up to 15 inches. The compartment is safe and ensures there is no damage to your machine. Besides, extra space is suitable for carrying your documents or other stuff. The soft cushion is crucial since it eliminates friction between a computer and the bag. Therefore, no chances of causing abrasions or scratches.

With a smooth and sleek shape, the backpack offers great confidence. With one hidden zipper pocket, it makes it hard for crooks to open. Thus, when carrying your wallet and other small items, they are safe when placed on the bag. Compared to other backpacks, this has exceptionally thick shoulder straps. Thereby, carrying this pack for a long time doesn’t cause stress on shoulders. They are also adjustable for a custom fit.


  • Smooth and sleek
  • Extra thick shoulder straps
  • Concealed wallet pocket
  • Detachable key chain


  • Not enough space for hiking purposes

4. OUTJOY 17 Laptop Unisex Waterproof School Backpack

OUTJOY 17 Laptop Unisex Waterproof School Backpack

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Outjoy backpack is a versatile one with multiple applications. It has a unisex design and can be used for travel as well as school. Unlike traditional bags, this offers many features. With a water-resistant shell, it keeps everything safe from water. Also, the provided rainfly is exceptional for superb peace of mind. Amazingly, the fabrics used are safe and don’t have awful small like other materials. The specially made computer compartment is designed to prevent shock and impacts. It’s large and can fit laptops up to 17 inches.

The back features ergonomic construction. This lets the user enjoy the comfort and great feeling. In fact, the breathable nature and body contouring design bring the best experience. Amazingly, the bag has a luggage strap that helps to convert this bag to a briefcase. The straps have metallic buckles which guarantee exceptional reliability. Mesh water bottle pockets and integrated USB out port make carrying this thrilling.


  • Ergonomic back
  • Detachable luggage strap
  • Scratch-free soft interior


  • Padding thins quickly

3. Tzowla Travel Laptop Waterproof Business Backpack

Tzowla Travel Laptop Waterproof Business Backpack

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Tzowla backpack is the solution when you need a bag to carry your stuff. Especially for daily use, the pack is dedicated to keeping the stored stuff safe from different aspects. With versatile applications, this bag is dedicated to ensuring it is great for school, travel, and business. The super-strong shell made from durable fabrics gives the bag excellent reliability. The multiple compartments enable the user to have ample space. In fact, it is simple to arrange your stiff for neatness and easy access. Also, the 17 inches laptop compartment ensures seamless storage and excellent protection.

The bag has reinforcing straps that help in strengthening it and keep it in shape. Even when fully packed, the backpack doesn’t sag like others. Besides reinforcement, the straps are great for keeping the zippers safe from snapping. Carrying straps also come with great padding for maximum comfort. With metallic zippers, they are sturdy and brings all the strength needed to keep the bag closed. The handle is comfortable and robust to ensure there is versatility in carrying.


  • Reinforcing straps
  • Earphone and USB port
  • FRID blocking pockets
  • Night safety


  • Can only withstand light rain

2. Markryden Business Water-proof Laptop Backpack

Markryden Business Water-proof Laptop Backpack

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A good backpack is always recommendable to secure your valuables from elements and impacts. Markryden waterproof backpack is all you need to keep your laptop and other stuff safe. Actually, the bag is capable of protecting the carried content from impact and water. Boasting numerous pockets, they are designed to ensure you have a perfect fit for your stuff. In fact, it has 2 laptop compartments, 2 mesh, 2 regulars, among other pockets. They combine to deliver organized and easy to access.

Despite the ample storage, the backpack has a slim profile. Thus, it doesn’t look large when carrying. Apart from the beauty, the bag is waterproof and sturdy. Therefore, once in your back, there is high confidence since it doesn’t subject your laptop to shock or a lot of movements. Above all, quality zippers ensure there is uncompromised safety.


  • Slim and sleek
  • Super thick handle
  • Padded air cushion


  • No bottle pockets

1. NUBILY Anti-Theft College School Business Laptop Backpack

NUBILY Anti-Theft College School Business Laptop Backpack

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Nubily collage laptop backpack is among the best choices. This backpack is highly versatile and can be used for various purposes. Whether you choose it for college, business, or traveling, it’s a reliable option. Boasting high crafting design and sturdy materials, the pack is reliable for strength and resistance to water. The wide opening design allows for instant access to internal compartments.

The bag has 45L capacity, which ensures it allows for ample storage of different items. Due to double zippers, they are durable and ensure complete the reinforced stitching keeps the bag reliable throughout. Also, the large pockets are large and fit larger bottles. The combination of padded straps and a comfortable handle make carrying simple and efficient. Soft interior lining keeps laptop safe and free from scratches.


  • Wide opening
  • Large bottle pockets
  • Reinforced handle


  • No zipper cover

Waterproof Laptop Backpacks Buying Guide


The capacity of a backpack determines the size of the laptop it can fit. Depending on the compartment sizes, they accommodate varying laptops. Basically, an ideal bag should fit your computer comfortably. With most fitting different sized laptops, having large compartment is excellent. Ideally, a bag with 17 inches laptop capacity is great for ensuring there is a universal fit; this means even small laptops can fit.

Quality of waterproofing

Not all the backpacks are rated waterproof are capable of achieving the said performance. The level of water resistance differs depending on the shell treatment. Some of the packs are waterproof, while others are water-resistant. Therefore, the performance of these two types will vary dramatically. Waterproof doesn’t mean it will repel water but it will give protection. However, water-resistant material doesn’t allow water to stick to the surface.

Straps quality

The quality of straps is another feature when buying a backpack. They are supposed to be as comfortable as possible. Basically, they should have enough padding is essential to eliminate a lot of pressure from the shoulders. Also, adjustability is vital for ensuring there is a customized fit to the users.

Audio jack and USB port

These days, power banks are standard for daily use. Therefore, charging your device should not wait until you settle. Most of the laptop bags are enhanced with USB ports. Consequently, you can quickly get the phone without keeping it inside a backpack. Also, when the device is inside, jack port is essential for undisturbed music via headphones.


Waterproof laptop backpacks are amazing in eliminating worries. Especially when outdoors, they ensure all items are protected from harsh elements. With different sizes, styles, and performance, having the best should be the main target. For ultimate protection, these reviewed backpacks are highly reliable.

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